Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 3 Rocking the Red

Day 3 Challenge: Red Lipstick Day

This day wasn't at all a stretch for me, I looked forward to it. I don't often wear red lipstick at all but when I do I tend to feel an odd sense of self. How can one small tube have such an effect? Red lipstick makes me feel powerful. Beautiful.

I took my time to get ready and dressed in something I felt appealing in as well. What else does a woman do when she wants to feel confident and sexy? She puts on her red underwear to match her lipstick! I never think of wearing nice underwear for myself. How sad is that. The reality of it is that we should ONLY wear nice underwear for ourselves! Who cares if someone else sees it? If it makes us feel good and sexy why the hell not?

I donned my red lipstick and walked downstairs. The first person I saw was my Mom who said....she hated it! I just laughed. Her honesty didn't bother me in the least because she would never dream of putting such a colour on herself. I have often befuddled my Mom with some of my fashion choices so why stop now in my 40's? 

I felt attractive, I felt happy and I felt like a million bucks and people noticed. I've had a few times in my life where I've felt truly confident and attractive but when I do it seems as though the world around me notices. Confidence is a powerful thing to watch and an even more powerful thing to have.

Confidence begets a feeling of happiness in me that I don't often find but I'm sure as heck going to go looking for it more often now. 

I was laughing with some of the other women on this challenge when they asked what I was up to for the day. My day existed of running around and my yearly mammogram. I joked that every woman should don red lipstick for their mammogram and go into it feeling powerful!

As it was the mammogram tech was wonderful and kind and put me right at ease. It had actually been a few years since my last exam so I was feeling guilty about it. When you have a Mother that has had two types of breast cancer, one shouldn't mess around with their tatas!

I laughed and told the tech about my challenge and why I was wearing the red. She told me that she thought I looked so great when I walked right in and thought to herself that she wished she could carry off a colour like that. She went on to tell me that I suited me very well and that I should even go brighter next time! What a compliment. 

I laughed the hardest though when my ex husband came to the house after work that day and his comment was, 'Well someone obviously had a lunch date today!' The concept that I would do something so wonderful for ME was not one that would even cross his mind. I just smiled demurely and didn't answer. Compliment received.

Generally I'm not one to draw attention to myself, basically the opposite. I'm never good enough, remember?? I was so thankful to Sarah for the challenge and taking me out of my comfort zone. I got seen and it wasn't awful. I got more smiles from people because I was smiling! 

So Mom's opinion aside, I'm feeling like I rocked this one Sarah!! 

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